Helpless Observers

Helpless Observers

When a loved one goes through something that brings them pain or confusion, we find ourselves drawn into the funnel cloud. Even if we cannot do anything but be there to listen, to hold their hand or pull them into an embrace and remind them of how necessary they are in this world. We will be there. Standing beside them to steady their stance and be there to cradle them if they crumble.


We cannot shield them from all of the shards that scatter; we cannot guard against the damage left behind. But we will try. Helpless observers we are, but we feel our heart ache too as we cannot change the series of events. We move into action mode as we set out to drive away the hurt.


A storm brews slowly at first as shock turns to fear, fear to anger, anger to loss. We wait for the storm to pass. And it will, though we hold hands and wonder what it will look like outside after the house stops spinning and makes landfall.


But until then, we wait. And wait — for the uncertain to become certain again.


Thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.

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