When we lose someone or something special in our lives, we fight our mind and heart’s tendency to lose a piece of itself.

How many holes can we take? Is there a limit?


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HOLES by chris kuhn


First time.

Someone special floats away, a teensy weensy hole in the balloon opens, and a piece of you deflates.

Loss of a loved one. Loss of a pet. Loss of a friend.

Life can be unkind when it wants to show you who controls the breezes that guide you.


Each time.

As another falls away, that crevice widens, spurring a tiny leak of humanity.

Scrambling to find distractions to plug up the holes,

You wonder aloud can one run dry if she keeps brimming over with emotion?


This time.

As the heart takes a hit, a small chunk crumbles to bits, blowing away like talcum powder.

Should you take the punch or hunch over in anticipation?

When will the next jabs land and must they come so soon?


Next time.

When another storm blows, maybe you will take cover or simply stand there drenched.

Each hole fighting the force and buckling until the roof collapses

But we no longer need to swim if we cannot feel the rain anymore.



  1. Dearest Chris….wow this made me cry…..know these feelings too xoxox Well done Hun!

    • chriskuhn

      Thank you so much, Deb, for sharing how my words affected you. Nothing is better than knowing I reached a reader like that. Thanks for sharing that with me. 🙂 ~chris

  2. Alan sawyer

    I found myself reading it over, until the dust settled and the memories dwelled. Loss is the one thing we cannot deny once exposed to it, it shakes us when we least expect and reoccurs in all our emotions.

    • chriskuhn

      So true, Alan. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and contemplate my words as you did. Means the world to me. And yes, I agree, we cannot deny a loss or its impact left behind, and I feel we owe it that time and attention and emotion to honor its memory for it’s the only way we can move forward. I’ve learned that personally with the loss of a pet and my recent decision to adopt another dog. He doesn’t fill that hole my other pet left behind but I needed time for that hole to heal some in order to welcome tbis new soul into my heart so he could plant his own place within that space firmly. Thank you again for your comment, Alan. x ~ Chris

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