In the Summertime, Dee-Dee Dee-Dee Dee

So you’ve probably noticed that it’s a new week and yet not only have I not presented a new Kuhnspiration challenge…I never even responded to the LAST one.

Yep, sometimes we have those kinds of weeks. You just never know what the world will toss your way but though I’m a few days late, I hope you’ll join me in dreaming wistfully about the summer ahead because the last question I posed to you was…

What will this summer look like for you? What sights, sounds, smells and experiences will fill up your days? And do you have particular goals for the season?

Did you contemplate your own sand bucket list?

I don’t have any grand plans for the season ahead but each summer, I do try to set some little goals for myself. Amid the projects and summer vacation adventures, I’d like to look back at the season and recognize that I at least deal with a few things – in the home and on my informal wanna-learn it list I keep tucked away in my noggin.

This summer, I’ve got some objectives in mind —

Reading — this whole year has been much more focused on getting this activity back into my week (not always into my daily schedule unfortunately) and because of it, I’ve gotten to enjoy a lot of books that I always wanted to read. This summer, that attention to the written word will continue as I hope to tackle at least three more books. (I know, it might sound like a low number for some but for me, that would be quite an achievement…) 

Closets — mine are a mess. But my clothes closet is just appalling. Tackling it has been on my monthly to-do list since January. Come fall, I don’t want to see this item on my to-do list any longer.

Museums — The summertime is a perfect time of year to visit some of the museums that I’ve been talking about for so long. It’s stifling hot outside, the mosquitos simply suck the life out of me and even my contact lenses fog up in the humidity. This year on the list – the Leepa-Ratner, the new and improved Dali (still haven’t seen the revamped version and it gives me an excuse to grab breakfast at the nearby Hangar restaurant!) and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. Love photography. Can’t wait to check out for myself in their new home.

Golf —I wanna do a lot more of it. Period.

Expenses — Okay this one isn’t sexy but last year I got really lazy with my business admin and waited until the following January to gather and calculate all of my expenses. Ugh. Most horrid experience. So… I want to at least tackle the first half of the year so I don’t have quite as much hunting next January for my 2012 tax homework. This summer, I will determine my January-June expenses by end of the season and save myself much stress and headaches later. (Maybe by saying it over and over, I can will it to happen…I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…)

Beaching — Each year I say that I’m going to visit the beach more and each season flies by and my snow white blue tinged skin can attest to my cloistered activities. I don’t have grandiose goals. Once a month, that’s all. I’ve already gone for June. Could I possibly go in July, August and September, too? Wow, that would be a milestone for me. We shall see. But I like a little color on my face, so I will embark on my sunny trek. It’ll be a tough job but – sigh – I guess I can handle it.

So what about you? What are you looking forward to this summer and do you have any specific goals on your personal sand bucket list? Tell us about them. And enjoy yourself out there…but maybe pack your umbrella, too. This is Florida, after all.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!



  1. Hi Chris,

    You might want to check out the current show at Carrollwood Cultural Center, The Black and White Show. It is free, donations accepted, and a stunning array of artworks from mostly local artists, but one sent from Paris, France and another from Lincoln, Nebraska We are coming up in the world!

    I am with you on the reading, closets, finances. I have on ONE book that I have promised myself I will read before September. It doesn’t seem to be a top priority even after the pledge. The drawers that won’t close are issues as well, and dealing with moving back into my utility shed which I had cleaned of the mold, insulated and air conditioned, is now stalled with the project of putting all the junk back into that nice clean space.

    Good luck, and I do still read your blog!

    Happy summer.


    • Chris

      Gainor – So nice to hear from you here! I will have to stop by to check out the current art show, yes! I see we have similar items to tackle this summer. We will make it happen…I have faith in us! 🙂 Thanks again for staying in touch and for reading.

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