Indie Publishing 101…Join Me?

Indie Publishing 101…Join Me?

I couldn’t wait for this day to get here. So much so that I actually listed the dates wrong in my daily planner.

Indie Recon 2013… no, not 2/12-2/14/13 but instead 2/19-2/21/13. (That’s what erasers are for. No problema. A few quick brushes across the page…and voila!)

Its tagline is “making indie-publishing a mission possible,” and I’m absolutely counting on that.

I wanted to make sure that any new and aspiring authors or book lovers who are contemplating the adventure of writing their own book knew about this conference. Why? Because frankly, I don’t think they did a very good promoting it. Well, they did about a month or two ago but not very much the week before or the week of it. (Sorry, folks, I’ve got the marketing hat on right now and I’m amazed I even located the site at all…)

But once I got there…*whistles* (glad it’s virtual, because I can’t really do this…)  Anyway, I think this online conference is GREAT!

The agenda features a daily schedule of author posts and online chats with those who are published or in the industry. Colleen Hoover had a post earlier today and M. Leighton is scheduled to offer her insight in a post tonight. So many interesting people and topics on the agenda. I think I saw the talented Samantha Young on the agenda, too, for an online chat later this week.

Already, it’s been so eye-opening just sitting in on a web chat between some as green as me and others much further along in their education posing questions to successful indie author Denise Grover Swank. I learned so much – was overwhelmed some, too (but that’s to be expected). But the benefits of the experience far outweigh the growing pains. Besides, growing pains are a necessary fact of life, aren’t they? Indeed.

And the best part about this conference is you can check in to the online chats if you’re available and participate or go back later at a time convenient for you to read posts and scroll through the Q&A’s with authors. Best of all, accessing the information online is free. I’m sure if we dig deeper into the site we’ll find places we can spend money – I have to think it’s there somewhere – but overall, this is a wonderful, free information resource for writers and writers-to-be.

Can I hear an AMEN to anything free? And informative? Even The Learning Channel can’t claim that anymore. (I mean about the informative part…unless you consider Honey Boo Boo educational television.)

I wanted to get this info into your hands right away, even going against my better judgment and posting this blog at nighttime rather than waiting until tomorrow. Didn’t want you to miss any great opportunities to interact with authors or other writers should you be able to check it out during the day on Wednesday.

Hope you enjoy yourself as much as I am so far. And hey, if you bump into me in one of the web chats out there, please say hi…and no laughing at my silly questions, okay? Alright…thanks.  🙂

Happy reading!


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