The following poem of mine originally appeared on the blog of author SJ Warner as part of her Lace Challenge guest contributor series in July 2014. You can also hear a reading of this work by me if you click here.



LACE by chris kuhn


She wove fingers through each delightful peek-a-boo
Stroked every delicate thread with care and curiosity
Tonight, he would come and be privy to this view
Together, two would take love to a new ferocity.
Running her fingers along the top of her stocking
She imagined nails grazing the ridges of his chest
Wondering what questions the new day would bring
She blocked out consequence for that would be best.


She glanced at the clock and felt her body hum
By night’s end, she knew this lace would be torn
In a short time, two souls would merge as one
And all inhibitions would no longer be worn.


Breaking the lattice of past intimacy and touch
To dip inside the tender rim, longing to sip
A supple and stimulated love, awaiting much
And dripping with anticipation for hungry lips.
Stripped away, immersed and emboldened,
Fingers, tongues, hearts would braid like vines
Would we ravage and devour like gluttons
Or taste each other delicately like fine wine?


She brushed her hair and moistened her skin
Imagery wildly adrift in her distracted mind
When would this scandalous night begin
And with the sunrise, who would she find?

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