Let’s Give Away Some Books!

Let’s Give Away Some Books!

So if you’ve seen me exclaiming on Facebook or Twitter today, then you may already have heard the news. But just in case you didn’t… let me tell you all about it!

Today marks Day 1 of The 12 Days of THE MUSE UNLOCKED Book Giveaway, a special contest that I am doing through GoodReads. For the next 12 days, GoodReads members can register for a chance to win a signed copy of my book THE MUSE UNLOCKED as well as a special Cate and Oliver gift bookmark. Not only have I given you plenty of time to register but…I’ve also decided to get extra-generous this holiday season. I’m not giving away 1 or 2 books…no, no, no. I’m giving away a DOZEN copies!

Last time I checked, there were nearly 100 people already registered for the contest and we’re only a little more than half-way through the first day. So if you have been contemplating a perusal of my book, this is an opportunity for you to have a chance at winning a signed copy of it, delivered straight to your door and right in time for the holidays, when most of us have a little more downtime for pleasure reading. Just check the reviews on Amazon and GoodReads, folks. Many readers will tell you that meeting up with the clever and flirty Cate Mullen and especially, the sexy and deliciously sweet Oliver Sand was a pleasure.

So…if you’re a GoodReads member and interested in entering, visit the link and sign up for your chance. If you are not currently a GoodReads member, don’t forget, it’s free to be part of this forum of readers, authors and book bloggers. Become a member and head right out to the giveaway page to register for the opportunity to win my book!

And good luck to you! MWAH! *blows you a kiss*


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