Love Notes

Love Notes


Music can be truly inspiring and capture so many emotions all at once. In this original poem, I parallel the sensuality and passion of getting lost in beautiful music with losing one’s self in intimacy of another kind.


Both can rock the furniture and make the walls shake. Only one requires a singer or band. (I’ll let you figure out which is which.)


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LOVE NOTES by chris kuhn


The song caresses me.

Each note, each strum across the strings

Like long, lithe fingers grazing my skin.



Captured by a hook, lost in a lyric,

So often mesmerized by a melody,

I sit and listen, swept up and stirred

By luscious lyrics

Teasing my ear

With short, playful nibbles,

Like delicious words dripping

From a lover’s tongue.



Pulling me forward,

Closer and closer,

The gripping guitar

Clutches with heat and urgency,

Passion surging through fiery strings.

My skin sears at their scorching sound.



The beguiling bass sends shivers

Strolling along my spine,

Content to leave goosebumps

Along blushing flesh

And tingling muscles

Aching to be wrapped in

The arms of low, deep chords

That surround my heart.



A tantalizing tap beckons,

Calling out to me,

Ushering me toward it

To hold on tight and prepare

For a pulsating beat

Backed by alluring licks.



A singer raises his voice

Lifting me lovingly

And he is there with me,

Elevating us to the highest of notes

Then falling gently to dig down deep,

And touch the bottom of my soul.



All at once captivated and enraptured,

What appear as merely notes on a page

Transport shy ones to a braver place,

A guarded piece of themselves invited,

Swept away on a journey to embrace

The passion within and without.



  1. A stunning piece of poetry Chris, encapsulates the sheer joy and passion that music can bring, it’s power to uplift and sooth and speak to everybody in different ways. Superb.

    • chriskuhn

      Cameron, Thank you so much for the kind words. Music is an incredible gift we can enjoy freely wherever and whenever we want. We are so fortunate to get to immerse ourselves in it. Appreciate that you enjoyed my perspective on this wondrous, sensual experience. 🙂 ~ chris

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