Meet Some Serious Dreammakers — and Your Favorite Rays!

Meet Some Serious Dreammakers — and Your Favorite Rays!

Sometimes in life we come full circle. I had a chance to first meet up with The Children’s Dream Fund back in 2008 when I was the editor for a local women’s magazine and our publication was one of the media sponsors for the nonprofit’s fashion fundraiser Rays on the Runway. At the time, the group was holding the event on Father’s Day as a great way to draw dads, too. Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of their favorite local MLB players? What a cool Father’s Day gift that would be, right?


Well, the time of year has changed, but the event (and organization) has grown considerably. Now in its 13th year, Rays on the Runway is of particular interest to those of us fans in the area still committed to getting to know our new young talents on the team. The event is being held this Sunday, August 5 at the Hilton Bayfront in St. Petersburg. (Here’s a link to learn more and buy tickets!)


But whether you attend or not (and I hope you do — hubs and I had a blast when we had a chance to attend back then), please take a few moments to learn more about what The Children’s Dream Fund does. To simply say they just grant wishes to children facing life-threatening illnesses does not do their work justice. They do so much more when they enter the lives of the children and their families. They become a part of an all-important circle of support, encouragement and hope that never fades away. Like another member of the family.






So I hope you’ll spend a little time this afternoon – on a break or over lunch – and meet Cynthia, the group’s dedicated and enthusiastic executive director, and Lauren Smith and her son Xavier who know firsthand what The Children’s Dream Fund can do for any family facing some unexpected health challenges.  And if you can attend this weekend or know of some serious Rays fans who love doing good in the community when they can, well, this weekend’s Rays on the Runway event is sure to hit it out of the park for them!



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As always, thank you for reading. ~ Chris

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