Movie Mondays ~ Monday, November 25, 2019

Movie Mondays ~ Monday, November 25, 2019

Well, it finally happened. For the first time all year, I must sadly report that I did not see any films this past week. Part of it is the long to-do list that I am attempting to complete prior to hosting Thanksgiving with the family and the other part involves trying to get a jump on some writing assignments for my  editor. But never fear! A long holiday weekend awaits, and I cannot wait for it. Not only because I can really use a genuine break, but I also am excited to catch up on some flicks as well as binge-watch shows filling up my DVR queue, like “The Walking Dead” which I have not seen all season or any of the DC Comics shows that I watch on the CW Network.


Every week, I offer my movie recommendations to blog readers, but given the circumstances, now it’s your turn. What movies have you seen recently on Netflix, Amazon Prime (I don’t have Hulu yet unfortunately) or any of the premium channels that you would recommend? I love great comedies, especially clever ones and I also am a sucker for a good romance or heartfelt drama. Lay it on me!


Just leave your suggestions in the comments on this blog or on the social media app where you saw this link and offer your shout out for films that deserve my attention.


I welcome your suggestions, and you might just see them reviewed in a future blog. As always thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.




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