New Article Highlights Cool Spaces for Conducting Business NOT as Usual

New Article Highlights Cool Spaces for Conducting Business NOT as Usual

Excited to share a recent article of mine that has posted this week at 83 degrees Tampa Bay. This one was a lot of fun to research, and I got the opportunity to talk with several helpful people in the process as I was introduced to venues across Tampa Bay including Wesley Chapel, Oldsmar, West Tampa, Ybor City, South Tampa and its downtown district.


The idea for this latest article came to me while I was doing research for something else and I visited the website of the Florida Hospital Center Ice¬†up in Wesley Chapel to learn more about their amenities. While researching the venue, I learned that they could work with businesses who wanted to host a unique business event in a setting outside the traditional hotel conference room or ballroom, and I thought hmm. That sounds like a fun way to learn, to encourage interaction among a team and improve its group dynamics. I wonder how many businesses out there know that they do something like this. Then that thought led me to the next question – I wonder how many other venues are out there who either have worked or COULD work with businesses to create similar unique training and business events in spaces ‘outside the box’ of what most would consider ‘normal’ business settings? I did a little more research and was soon pitching my editor Diane who gave me the green light to proceed.





So thank you to the many voices for venues such as (shown above) Empower Adventures Tampa Bay of Oldsmar, Florida Hospital Center Ice in Wesley Chapel and Red Door No. 5 in South Tampa, among many others, in particular the education or sales and marketing coordinators, and the people who experienced these venues and shared their thoughts about their training and team-building activities. I hope that you will enjoy learning about ways some businesses have put a some creativity into what can often become the mundane task of keeping employees, clients or business partners excited about learning and collaborating. And hey, if you are a local business owner, regardless of the size of your company, maybe this will fuel you to look for new, innovative ways to inspire and ignite your own crew.


Click here to check out my latest 83 DEGREES TAMPA BAY article “It Is Business NOT As Usual at These Tampa Bay Area Meeting Spaces.”


If you’re from the Bay area and have discovered some unique places yourself for conducting business, team-building exercises or other training events, please comment below and share, or if any of the ones I feature in my article are locations you too have visited for business meetings or events, I’d love to hear about your experience. As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.

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