New Flowers

New Flowers


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This is probably going to sound a little bizarre to some of you, especially those of you who are particularly organized, neat or anal-retentive about staying on task and on schedule. This blog entry isn’t for you, most likely. It probably won’t resonate. But for the countless others, I think it might.


I finally did it, folks. Changed my calendar. I know this doesn’t sound like pressing news but you must understand that I have this beautiful wall calendar celebrating different flowers each month. Why flowers? I appreciate them because I can’t do a thing with flowers beyond admire them. Keep them away from me if you want them to live. LOL. All I can do is take in their lovely fragrance, set my gaze upon their beauty and smile. Any care beyond that is completely a lost cause.


But the real significance today is that I changed my calendar to September.


From May.


Yeah, you read that right. May.


You see, in April I was really sick all month, first time ever I got laryngitis and I was a mess. So May was a crazy, crazy month of catch-up, so busy in fact that I didn’t even change my calendar. And then June came along and I lost my little ray of sunshine, my dog Dexter, who probably spent as much time in this office as me. And I still miss him terribly, am tearing up right now as I think of him. So June came and went and before I knew it, July was here and soon after, I was flying around like a terror, attempting to get everything underway to publish my first book and (hopefully) keep my writing clients happy. We went away for two whole weeks on vacation, driving 3200 miles to see family, friends and baseball (mmm…what else is there, I ask?) and then it was August. And if I was trying to catch up in May for being sick in April, well, you can just imagine what August was like. Between being gone all that time and having client work and family obligations to tend to, there was that little thing called a book release I also had on my to-do list… I’m amazed my head remained on top of my body. I found myself knocking it against the wall on more than one occasion in frustration and frenzy this summer.


And that brings us to September. And that wall calendar. I sat here for many months looking up at May and wondering why I wasn’t changing that calendar and today I finally did.


And it isn’t any less crazy, less busy, less harried and I’m definitely not any more organized. (whispers) Don’t tell anyone, but probably less so!


No, it’s none of those things. I’m just so ready to move on to September, to see a different page.


So I did as you might expect. I did glance at those other months’ flowers, because I didn’t want to miss out on them and those months did take place, after all. But they’re history. They’re done. They’re gone. In the books, as they say. It is a new month, a new time – it is September. And I couldn’t be happier to flip over a new page on that wall calendar and stare up at a new set of beautiful flowers.


Maybe the most beautiful of all.

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