NEWS ~ Author Chris Kuhn to Take Part in Tallahassee Multi-Author Event

NEWS ~ Author Chris Kuhn to Take Part in Tallahassee Multi-Author Event

Tallahassee, here I come… right back where I started from!  This scribe is very excited to share news of an upcoming multi-author book signing event taking place back in my beloved college town of Tallahassee, Fla.  On Saturday, Nov. 21, I will be joining authors V.L. Brunskill and Deborah A. Allen at My Favorite Books in Tallahassee for this fun meet and greet event from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. I will be there to chat with visitors who stop by and sign copies of my new book OUR SEASONS, available for purchase at the store.  The bookstore currently carries signed copies of my first book, THE MUSE UNLOCKED.



I invite any of my old classmates and fellow FSU alum who may still live in the Tallahassee area or be visiting that weekend for the home game to please stop by the bookstore and say hello. Of course, I’d love to introduce you to my book but more than anything, it would be wonderful to see you, especially those of you I haven’t seen in so long. The bookstore is located at 1415 Timberlane Road in Tallahassee. If memory serves, FSU’s game starts at 3PM, so pop on by the store when the signing starts and then head to the game for a victory against Chattanooga… Garnet…Gold! Garnet…Gold!  (And if you are a Florida Gator grad, fan or alum, humor me. It’s in the DNA. You know how that college football madness runs through the veins…)


Another aspect of next weekend I’m quite excited about… I will get to meet the artist who created one of the pieces I feature in my book within the Fall story “Learning to Fly.” Noah Z. Brock is a talented artist/sculptor and fellow Seminole, and he has graciously agreed to meet up with me earlier that morning before the signing at his studio.  This is a shot of his wonderful work “Icarus Wings” that I got a chance to see in person during my summer trek to Tallahassee with the hubs as I was doing story research and taking photos for the book. He’s doing a lot of interesting things, and I’m going to get a chance to learn about some of them and even see some in person during my Tallahassee visit. I couldn’t be happier! And yes, you can expect to see, read and quite possibly HEAR lots more about that meet-up soon as I will be including much more at my website about the art featured within my book and words from the artists themselves. Consider it bonus Fun Stuff for my readers. I always take care of my friends.


So if you will be in or near the Tallahassee area or are looking for a fun little drive from a nearby Florida, Georgia or Alabama town, please stop in and see the wonderful team at My Favorite Books Saturday, Nov. 21 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and support a trio of local, independent authors and an awesome neighborhood business in a fun, meaningful and interactive way!


Hope to see you there! ~Chris

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