NEWS ~ Book Giveaway Winners Named

NEWS ~ Book Giveaway Winners Named

First of all, a special thank you to everybody who took part in my recent OUR SEASONS Birthday Bash Book Giveaway on GoodReads, especially to the great folks at GoodReads who were so helpful and efficient throughout the whole setup and winner selection process. They rock. Thank you to any of my followers and fellow authors who RT’d and promoted the giveaway over the 11-day period and helped me spread the word. It means a lot to me to have your support. And especially thanks to the more than 720 of you who entered the giveaway and decided that yes, you really would be interested in checking out a collection of short stories, poetry and original photography. I’m really proud of and excited about OUR SEASONS, and I can’t wait to share a very different side of me there than those who have read my blogs or my contemporary romance THE MUSE UNLOCKED have seen so far.


So now without further ado, let me congratulate the winners of my Goodreads book giveaway. Your book will be hitting the postal trail in just a few days. Drumroll, please… congratulations to —- Russell Howen of Minden, NV; Li Li of Manchester, MO; Monica Lewis of French Lick, IN; and Valerie Blair of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Happy for all of you. Look for my special party memento coming your way in the form of a signed copy of my book and bookmark. It should be arriving in the mail very soon!


And thank you again to everybody who helped make the giveaway a success!  Book event details to be announced tomorrow! Woot woot! xo ~  Chris


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