NEWS ~ Chris Kuhn Named in Chick-Lit 50 List of Authors

NEWS ~ Chris Kuhn Named in Chick-Lit 50 List of Authors

So one never knows what they’ll learn when they wake up in a day. And one day very recently – last week in fact, I learned this: that a website known as Networlding’s The Cool Girls Guide to Awesome Books had just included me on their list of the Chick-Lit 50, Leading Influential Authors… as based on the authors’ social media influence. On a list with the likes of Judy Blume, Candace Bushnell, Nicholas Sparks!

As you might suspect, I was blown away. In the process, it’s provided me a good lesson in a social media tool new to me, my Klout standing which measures a person’s social media circles of influence – and which I will candidly admit, I didn’t know one iota about before but I’m learning.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this intriguing news with my favorite peeps and introduce you to their site, as well, and take this time to thank them for including me and to thank you. That’s right, Y-O-U. Because after all, the fact that I’m even someone up for consideration at all is all thanks to you out there who are kind enough to buy my book and talk about it, write a book review, suggest my book to others for their reading lists on GoodReads, send me kind words or #FF greetings on Twitter as well as “star” or RT my tweets, take a photo of you reading THE MUSE UNLOCKED and shooting it my way, “like” something I write on Facebook, follow my boards on Pinterest, subscribe to my audioreadings of my poems, prose and blogs at AudioBoo…there are so many different ways you’ve helped me. And I thank you every day for that and ask you to help me continue spreading the word about the book.

I’m constantly amazed at what I hear from those who read THE MUSE UNLOCKED, words that don’t always make the reviews because they are so personal but you let me know confidentially that the book has touched you or impacted you in more ways that go beyond a five-star rating. I’ve had a person tell me that reading about Cate helped her see herself in the story and her own impending divorce situation more clearly. Another reader told me privately that she hadn’t picked up a book in years because memories from personal tragedies had kept her away from fiction stories that only reminded her of sad, painful times in her past and that reading MY book, in her words “unlocked her” and she’s reading again. I have another reader who has told me she is sharing the book with a sibling who’s going through a bad breakup to give her hope and empower her. to get through it all stronger and more confident. And yet another reader, a professional counselor, who has already given out the book to a client through her therapy sessions!

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would receive such beautiful feedback like that from readers. I look forward to more and more stories like this. They mean more than book sales, Twitter followers and even wonderful lists like this one here. All of that is great and I appreciate it, but what’s even better is being reminded of the power of words to heal.

So thank you so much, Networlding and the wonderful ladies who oversee The Cool Girls Guide, and I hope that I’ve introduced some of my peeps to you just as you, I’m sure, have introduced me to some of your peeps.

And most of all, thanks to everyone for helping me get the word out about THE MUSE UNLOCKED. I can only hope that my book lands into the right hands of readers at the right time, people who are perhaps in that moment, needing a little hope, a little humor, some love and yes, some steam might be a nice addition, too, but most of all, a chance to let themselves dive into a book, get lost in a good story, maybe even learn a thing or two and accept themselves more for the beautiful human beings they are.

Now THAT is worth getting out of bed every day right there.  xx

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