November Five to Try, Part I

Time once again to look back on a month of Five to Try… new places, new experiences and new recommendations for others (and in some cases, not so much). Hop on for the November Express as I look back in words and pictures highlighting these adventures.

Five to Try for November #1 – Selmon’s

This was an interesting visit. You see, a lovely gesture presented me with a generous gift certificate to try this restaurant though I knew all-too-well that I would probably not find much for my culinary leaning. No, there isn’t an abundance of vegetarian cuisine abound at Selmon’s ( but it was a nice, pleasant atmosphere as I had anticipated (much like its namesake).

When the hubby and I visited the Palm Harbor location during a week-long staycation on our actual wedding anniversary, we were greeted by a cordial host who then led us to ironically the EXACT same table where I interviewed Mr. Selmon himself just three and a half months earlier, only weeks before his death. (Isn’t that a bizarre coincidence?) Our server, a young enthusiastic chap visited us promptly, and we were off and running – I with my trio of similarly-looking mushy non-meaty sides…

…smashed potatoes – yum-my!, cornbread casserole – okay, and classic coleslaw-ick-nothing classic about it in my book) and hubby with the ultimate carnivore comfort food: a meat loaf sandwich.

But not before we happily gnawed on some de-lish fried green tomatoes, which for me far surpassed my main course of sides. I had heard wonderful stories about the delicious desserts but did not partake (sadly).

I’m glad that we had a chance to finally visit this popular sports-themed family bar and eatery, but as for vegetarians, I think I’d direct you to Chili’s for its awesome black bean burger instead. Or maybe just pop in to Selmon’s for a beer and those fabulous fried green tomatoes. And stay for the chocolatey dessert I didn’t get to drown myself in. Sigh.

Five to Try for November #2 – Dunedin Fine Art Center

I’ve been promoting this little community gallery and arts education center for years through my content work with Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine and my former days as an editor/writer for Skirt! Tampa Bay Magazine. But up until November, I’d yet to stop by the Dunedin Fine Art Center ( for myself. After our Selmon’s adventure, we decided to head into Dunedin for a day of exploring the marina and park, plenty of fresh air and popping in and out of stores. But we started that visit at the arts center I’d heard so much about.


I had no idea we would be visiting them in between exhibits – so we stopped by only to learn that its recent circus-themed exhibit was now closed and being torn down and the establishment was working on getting ready for its big annual Christmas ornament sale to be held later that next weekend. (Boy, good timing, as always, huh? But we also know how to make our own good time. See for yourself!)

 Yeah, I’m hanging out with the clowns on the wall. Where else would you expect me?

This was the interesting outdoor exhibit on our walk up to the entrance. But we scampered inside and checked out the one exhibit that we were able to visit and loved what we found on display — artists showing pieces from unusual perspectives and in some cases using regular household items to create some intriguing work. Check these out.


Those are pencils. Cool, huh?


We continued to walk through the rest of the center where we were able to sneak in…including the recently launched kids’ area (couldn’t miss this baby when we stepped in the room!)

We enjoyed viewing little personal pieces from local artists who simply demonstrated their enthusiasm through art for those things they loved most – nature, music, life.


Finally, we visited the museum store but walked away sad and empty-handed with none of our signature souvenirs we long to purchase when we visit our little tourist stops – a fridge magnet, golf ball or Christmas ornament. Sigh. It’s not like we wanted a damn thimble or shotglass. Puhleeze. Oh well.  

If you happen to be visiting the beautiful Dunedin area, be sure to pop by the DFAC and see it for yourself but don’t forget to leave a little donation in the glass box, okay? Community art champions like this center need support from folks like us in the community, so do your part.

Part II of my November Five to Try experience continues tomorrow…stay tuned!

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