Observations from March…So Far

Observations from March…So Far

When I think of the year, I associate certain months with particular fun occasions or obligations. You know, November with family and wonderful fall weather, colors and comfort foods. December with creative gift idea brainstorms, meetups with friends and families and strategies for buying presents on sale. January is fresh start month, when we are still living up to whatever promises we made to ourselves – whether we ultimately keep them or not. February is short and sweet, but I find I tend to reach out to friends and make an effort to see them because I finally am out from under the holiday season. But then March rolls around, and March and I, well, I’m not always such a fan. Because that’s when it dawns on me that regardless of what systems I’ve put in place, I still manage to have a mountain of work to do to get all of my tax paperwork together for my tax accountant. (Remind me again why I’m paying them if I have all of this to do myself? Hmm…)




I am under that mound right now. The only added stress to my own personal March Madness is within two weeks we’re embarking on some travel, which means in addition to my usual tax paperwork hell, I have some fun tasks that I long to do but haven’t been able to devote the time I wish I could. In April, I have personal reasons to appreciate the month (like being alive for one more year, which I certainly think is an occasion worth celebrating for any of us). The boom is officially lowered once my tax accountant gets back to me and shares what we owe the IRS. But otherwise it’s pretty  much smooth sailing then until the fall holiday mayhem.



In like a lion and out like a lamb, huh?  Well, this lion is shredding me to bits but I hold out hope that it will save a little bit of my energy for the fun later this month.



Hope your March hasn’t swallowed you up whole, too. We have way too many fun adventures ahead. Perhaps we need a buddy system during tax season as in I’ll tug on your sleeve if I see your head starting to go under. And Rose might have been joshing Jack, but my promise rings true…I’ll never let go.




Maybe Titanic references while I’m doing my taxes aren’t the optimal movie reference to make. Oh well. As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.



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