Relive Summer Blog Takeover

Relive Summer Blog Takeover

What’s a scribe to do? It’s Friday, and I have no guest blog to post. Oh dear me! I have been spoiled as have my followers this summer with ten fantastic weeks in a row of #SummerBlogTakeover. The series featured insightful and entertaining blogs from some of my favorite writers across a wide range of formats, genres and styles. I promise my subscribers that next week I will return with my regular weekly feature #FridayThoughts to Chew On, some new observations of mine and questions for us all to ponder and answer for ourselves. In the meantime, I thought what better occasion than today to offer readers a look back at this summer’s words. I know many of you, like me, may have been in and out throughout the summer, on vacations or stepping away from social media for a break once in a while. So I present to you a handy at-a-glance view of all of these talented visitors and the links to their fabulous blogs from my summer series.


Check out the list below and experience these writers’ blogs for the first time or re-read your favorites, because theirs are words worth checking out! And I always encourage you to start following some of these talented folks, at their own blogs or on social media, if you can. Their links are at the bottom of their guest blogs so be sure to scroll to the end after you read.


A special thank you again to these wonderful writers for taking time away from their own busy schedules to share their thoughts with all of us. ~ Chris





Matthew Krause




The Seven Most American Movies of the 1980s, Part I

The Seven Most American Movies of the 1980s, Part II

Matthew returns as a guest blogger and kicks off the blog series with a look at this often forgotten decade of cinema and offers his unique take on the films that defined the era for generations to come.




Stephen Richards



Creating a Scene

Stephen gives a bird’s eye view of what it takes to construct a visually powerful scene and his approach to drawing readers into the story.




Sydney Jamesson




Two Centuries of Bad Boys and Gentlemen

Sydney divulges that the source of her sexy modern book boyfriends is rooted in the classics.




H.P. Oliver



Adding a Little History to Your Mystery

H.P. shares his thoughts on the joy of weaving history within the framework of his clever tales of mystery.




Jesse Raven



Who You Callin’ Short?

Jesse offers his take on why the short story format is so tantalizing to take on as a writer.




S.A. MacNeil



Pint-Sized Poetic Punch

S.A. takes a closer look at a tiny but growing phenomenon, micropoetry, and why 140 characters have such a broad appeal.




Cameron Lincoln




The Great Debate – Book vs. Film

Cameron is back as a guest and this time, dissects the age-old debate, which is better – the book or the film. His finding might surprise you.




Eryn LaPlant




Connecting with Readers Online

Eryn shares what she takes away from the author-reader relationship and why she makes the effort to interact with readers.




E.M. Wynter




Free of Voice

E.M., a return guest blogger, revisits the subject of voice in writing and takes on the question — just how important is it anyway?




Laura Lee Sweet


Life Is Vulnerability

Laura Lee writes about the emotion behind pouring ourselves out of the pen and onto the page and why we might expose ourselves to the world for the sake of artistic expression.





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