Requiem for 2016

Requiem for 2016

Another year is nearly over. I think most would agree: 2016 was no ordinary year.  In a year that showed us we have much we don’t agree on, there was one thing we did: 2016 became the year we love to hate. This was especially helpful for those of us prone to blame inanimate objects or even imaginary objects (like that non-existent obstacle on the sidewalk that tripped us the other day). It was far easier to blame the year for everything that went wrong. And many of us continue to look back at this year as the friend that disappointed us time and time again. Sigh.


In an attempt to put this year to bed, I offer these reflections. This was another year I lost good friends and favorite pop cultural icons from childhood. It was a year I found myself visiting hospitals much too frequently for myself and for loved ones.  This was a year that seemed to fly by at breakneck speed, especially for someone who finds herself moving more slowly, and I don’t know if you felt this way, but I never really felt like I could catch up. Nor did I ever. I’m still catching my breath hundreds and hundreds of days later.


Personally speaking, I found myself pulling away from engaging in networking and other interactive opportunities with friends and colleagues in 2016. We do that sometimes when we are trying to figure out ‘stuff’ — whether it’s what’s going on in our head, in our heart or in our body.  This self-imposed hibernation can be for giving ourselves time to gather our own thoughts, focus on neglected aspects of our life or rebuild relationships. Often that relationship that needs some nourishment is our own connection with ourselves.  I do not know what the new year holds but I’ve already resolved that I will continue listening to my body, mind and soul when it tells me what it needs. I urge you to do the same. It could save your life.


So 2016, I bid you farewell, not so much a fond one but a firm one. You brought good things, milestones and fun memories, even joy on occasion, so it is unfair to write you off as a complete hack year. But to be fair, you also brought us many moments of confusion, anger and anguish.  We roll into this new year feeling a bit banged up and uncertain of what the future holds, and many times this year was the culprit. Still, we know we are strong and resilient and resourceful. We will bounce back, and we will move forward.


Oh, 2016. What an impression you have left. The time has come to put you to bed. Here’s your pillow and your sleep mask. Sweet dreams. Your work is done.  ~ Chris K.





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