Sipping a Taste of Fabulous for May Five To Try

Hello again, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Family recently visited with us from upstate New York and it gave us a lovely excuse to take a vacation, too. No need to twist my arm. I give up. Yes, I will stop working for a few minutes.

During this great time of catching up, noshing and playing tourist in my own backyard, I had a chance to continue my creative experiment Five to Try for May while returning to Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure theme park. And this was not just any Five to Try. This one was simply delicious.

Five to Try for May  – #2 Butterbeer

Okay, I don’t want to get any angry cards and letters because I’m “trying” a fictional creation because first of all, nobody even knows what a card or letter is in this age of e-blasts and podcasts but most importantly, because it’s real! As real as the frost on my nose after taking that first glorious sip outside a Butterbeer vendor’s stand in the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter “land” inside the theme park.

I’d say my actual “try” activity was the newly added attraction and its rides at the park itself, but being the wimp that I am, I didn’t actually try many of the rides in that new section due to claustrophia, fear of heights and a propensity to crap my pants upon sight of some of these rides  (no, not literally, of course). But while I did undertake a quite underwhelming family rollercoaster in the Harry Potter neighborhood, it was this sipping challenge I most looked forward to.

We saddled up to the bar, forked over our cash (about four bucks) and prepared to be scintillated. Butterbeer, meet my mouth. Tastebuds, may I introduce to you this new sensation called Butterbeer? Mmmm….

And the result? Fan-tas-tic!

After what can only be described as the perfect storm of butterscotch and root beer blended together and capped with a delightful bed of frothy goodness (and I assume these are the actual ingredients), I was smitten.

I’m already talking about putting together our own butterbeer microbrewery off our lanai. Wouldn’t that be dreamy? Sigh.

So while I haven’t seen all of the Harry Potter movies, have not even been able to get past page one of the first Potter novel (sorry, I like mucho dialogue and I was weary with descriptive set-up from the get-go…), I have made a new best friend and his name is Butterbeer.

And I believe I will figure out a way to bring this new best friend back into my life on a regular basis…with a little ingenuity. Or a year-long pass to Universal.

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