Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ March 2016

Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ March 2016

Thankfully, we didn’t lose quite so many rock and roll legends this past month as we did in January and February (Whew.) Those known primarily for their TV work, however, didn’t have it quite so lucky in March…Ken Howard (THE WHITE SHADOW); Larry Drake, the endearing Benny from L.A. LAW; Joe Santos (THE ROCKFORD FILES); THE original Governor (BENSON), James Noble,  before a fiercer and far less cuddly guvna came along (WALKING DEAD); Patty Duke, successful in both TV and movies but of course totally charming on THE PATTY DUKE SHOW; Garry Shandling (THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW; IT’S THE GARRY SHANDLING SHOW); and more. But this blog is about music and not the ‘boob tube,’ so — that is what we’ll focus on, and I’m happy to present a brand new feature I launched last month denoted in red below. Read on…

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MARCH 2016 — When I look at this past month of #SongOfTheDay entries, I see the usual eclectic mix of genres, timeframes and vocal styles, and I definitely see our very busy concert lineup (3 artists in one month…wow!) I also am excited about the addition of a new feature, every week as part of #ThrowbackThursday. I received such overwhelmingly positive feedback for featuring “Coming Up,” the little-played hit song by Paul McCartney that everyone agreed was just not played enough compared to “Band on the Run” played far too much. And it gave me an idea — what if every week, I took one day to spotlight a song that was on the radio a lot while it was out but hasn’t gotten the same airtime from the “oldies” radio stations decades later, not compared to what other overplayed songs have received. So I created #ForgottenTunes, every Thursday. #ThrowbackThursday seemed like the perfect occasion to rock and remember, and give some tunes their proper limelight. So far, there have been only two official #ForgottenTunes but I’m declaring “Coming Up” one, too, since after all, it did inspire me to launch the feature in the first place. Without further delay, I invite you to help yourself to a hearty serving of March 2016 #SOTD. Rock on, my Friends.  xo ~ CK

#ForgottenTunes  (gold italics)

03/31/2016 Sometimes a Fantasy Billy Joel
03/30/2016 Locked Out of Heaven Bruno Mars
03/29/2016 I Just Can’t Stop Loving You Michael Jackson
03/28/2016 Somebody Told Me The Killers
03/27/2016 Boogie Wonderland Earth, Wind and Fire
03/26/2016 25 or 6 to 4 Chicago
03/25/2016 Friends of Mine Duran Duran
03/24/2016 Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) Icicle Works
03/23/2016 Fast As You Can Fiona Apple
03/22/2016 Hallelujah Jeff Buckley
03/21/2016 America’s Sweetheart Elle King
03/20/2016 Secret Garden Bruce Springsteen
03/19/2016 Confident Demi Lovato
03/18/2016 Coming Up Paul McCartney
03/17/2016 Linger The Cranberries
03/16/2016 Weeds or Wildflowers Parsonsfield
03/15/2016 No More I Love You’s Annie Lennox
03/14/2016 Stolen Dashboard Confessional
03/13/2016 No Time Guess Who
03/12/2016 I’ve Seen All Good People / Your Move Yes
03/11/2016 Nothing Really Matters Madonna
03/10/2016 Eleanor Rigby The Beatles
03/09/2016 I’m Alright Kenny Loggins
03/08/2016 Keeps Gettin’ Better Christina Aguilera
03/07/2016 Genghis Khan Miikie Snow
03/06/2016 Steve McQueen Sheryl Crow
03/05/2016 I Want You to Want Me Cheap Trick
03/04/2016 Are We Ourselves? The Fixx
03/03/2016 Dreams Brandi Carlile
03/02/2016 I’m So Tired The Beatles
03/01/2016 Roar Katy Perry

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