Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ September 2016

Song-of-the-Day Selections ~ September 2016

September has come and gone, but it left a beautiful trail of music behind. As the month says farewell to summer and hello to the fall TV lineup, I bring to you a look back at the tracks that I chose to fill up your mornings with music or at the very least plant an earworm deeply each day. I hope you found some of these numbers making you hum or dance in your seat as you went along your day.

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SEPTEMBER 2016 — For this month, I wanted to offer a nice variety of #SongOfTheDay cuts because September is one of those unique months with a transitioning role in our lives. Many are getting settled into new school years, a return to projects after being in a summer frame of mind for a while or a jumpstart on the holiday season to come. So I wanted the music to reflect that. This month’s selections covered everything from the 1960s to the 2010s, from the Beach Boys and the Cowsills to Sly and the Family Stone and Blue Oyster Cult to Journey and Blondie (with the lovely and quite awesome Debbie Harry pictured above) to Pink and Of Monsters and Men. We were anywhere and everywhere in content, mood and genre.


My #ForgottenTunes selections for September ran the gamut, too! This month, I brought you back to the sounds of Neil Young, Pat Benatar, Olivia Newton-John, Chris DeBurgh and Sophie B. Hawkins. I hope the month was good to you and now as we head into fall, I have lots more gems to pull out of the vault, dust off and play for you as this new Thursday tradition continues. I do hope you have been enjoying the addition of it this year.


So sit back and relive September. And feel free to sing along anytime you like…  xo ~ CK


#ForgottenTunes  (gold italics)

9/30/2016 Miss You The Rolling Stones
9/29/2016 Don’t Pay   the Ferryman Chris DeBurgh
9/28/2016 Hungry   Like the Wolf Duran Duran
9/27/2016 Cherish   the Day Sade
9/26/2016 Little   Talks Of Monsters and Men
9/25/2016 Get The Party   Started Pink
9/24/2016 Jungle   Boogie Kool & the Gang
9/23/2016 Atomic Blondie
9/22/2016 Harvest   Moon Neil Young
9/21/2016 Roll with   It Stevie Winwood
9/20/2016 Hold You   in My Arms Ray Lamontagne
9/19/2016 Barracuda Heart
9/18//2016 A Change   Would Do You Good Sheryl Crow
9/17/2016 Sky Joshua Radin and Ingrid   Michaelson
9/16/2016 Dark Side Kelly Clarkson
9/15/2016 Twist   of Fate Olivia Newton John
9/14/2016 I’m   Waiting for the Day Beach Boys
9/13/2016 Burnin’   for You Blue Oyster Cult
9/12/2016 Don’t Stop   Believin’ Journey
9/11/2016 R.O.C.K in   the U.S.A. John Mellencamp
9/10/2016 Breathe Angels and Airwaves
9/09/2016 Crazy on You Heart
9/08/2016 Damn   I Wish I Was Your Lover Sophie B. Hawkins
9/07/2016 Happy   Together Turtles
9/06/2016 Dance to   the Music Sly and the Family Stone
9/05/2016 September Earth Wind and Fire
9/04/2016 Dirty   Water The Standells
9/03/2016 The Rain, the Park and Other Things Cowsills
9/02/2016 Summer   Rain Johnny Rivers
9/01/2016 Treat   Me Right Pat Benatar

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