Ten Flicks That Made a Big Impact on Me ~ ON THE WATERFRONT

Ten Flicks That Made a Big Impact on Me ~ ON THE WATERFRONT

Since being tagged in the latest and greatest Facebook group tag-you’re-it activity, I’ve learned that some of my friends and followers have similar movie tastes. Let’s see who the classic film buffs are with this selection.  The challenge I’m taking part in demands the following:


Each day for the next 10 days, post an image from a film that made an impact on you.  But no other explanation. Only the photo. 


For those who DO want to know more, I give you the rest of the story in a series of accompanying audios that provide a little more backstory to how I discovered the motion picture and why I’m still talking about it all of these years later. But don’t worry, I put a cap on my yapping to five minutes or less. After all, I would like you to come back and visit.


Here we are at Day 3 of the challenge, and the film I’ve picked is a cinematic classic in every sense – ON THE WATERFRONT (1954), starring the mesmerizing Marlon Brando in one of his career-defining performances. The film sparkled on so many fronts for me and remains a favorite after discovering it over 35 years ago as a tween. Hear more about that at the link below.  Thanks for reading (and listening). x ~ Chris K.




Click here to learn why ON THE WATERFRONT is a flick that made a big impact on me!

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