The Exchange

The Exchange

Should you find yourself typically on the end giving and not receiving, as a friend, a spouse, a lover, family member or  co-worker, you understand more than most about the unspoken reality of The Exchange.


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By Chris Kuhn


Two broken urns,

They form a mess,

Fill all the voids

And ignore the rest.


When will I learn?

Never, I guess.

Always the host,

Rarely the guest.


I bend, you take.

I offer, you take.

I give, you take.

A trend we make.


Am I just stuck?

Will you give none?

Have you not tired

Or is this fun?


When is enough

And why do I wait?

Do I really think

We’ll set this straight?


The silence rips.

I tear once more,

Deeper this time

And twice as sore.


Exchange is set

Uneven, unfair,

Never a chance,

Never a prayer.


So I sit and wait

Expect not a thing.

And guess what I get?

Fucking nothing.



  1. Angel Hawk

    I hope it’s not your own experience…but it’s food for thought! Very deep,hon.

    • chriskuhn

      Thanks for the comment, Angel. I wrote this poem with a few different scenarios in mind, some that have impacted me personally and others that I simply imagined and put myself in someone else’s shoes. Everything I write has a little piece of me in it but none of it represents all of me, no. Thank you for thinking of me. 🙂 ~chris

  2. Heartfelt words Hun xo

    • chriskuhn

      Thank you. 🙂 And sometimes we don’t notice these things until we can step further away to get a better view. ~ ck

  3. Danny Kayne

    Wonderful verse, Chris! The meter is right on, the message(s) fresh yet universal!

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