The Slogan’s the Thing

I truly appreciate a good slogan. Perhaps it’s my sheer affection for words. And the more that’s said in the fewest number of words, the more enthralled I get. I once heard that puns are the lowest form of alliterative pleasure but I would disagree. Cleverness should be rewarded not chastised though admittedly witty and cornball do straddle a fine line.

Inc. Magazine offered its own take on the Top 10 Greatest Slogans of All Time. Some terrific inclusions here though I do think they overlooked a few classics (namely, McDonald’s “You Deserve a Break Today,” SouthWest Airlines’ “Wanna Get Away?” and American Express’s “Don’t Leave Home Without It”). What do you think is missing from the list?

A truly sharp, memorable slogan can carry a brand through decades of product changes, expanded services and evolving culture, and though the words may stay the same, their meaning can evolve over time, too.

Think about your own business. Have you found 3-7 words to articulate the value, service or benefit you provide to the customer? And if you haven’t established a company slogan, what’s holding you back? Could it possibly be you haven’t yet figured out your prospective customers’ key advantage of doing business with you?

Do you know your own business or product’s value and can you articulate it?

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