The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

(The following poem was originally featured on the Words Across the Oceans blog in December 2013 and is inspired by the author’s book THE MUSE UNLOCKED.)


THE TIPPING POINT by chris kuhn


A telling glance,
The brush of a hand,
So small a flirty gesture
Yet leaves a lasting brand

What was that moment,
The single word or move,
That pushed two strangers
To merge into one route?

When did a pair of eyes
Lining up across from mine
Launch a new compelling vision
And boldly reset time?

Where did we finally uncover
The truth behind the smile
To beckon each heart forward
And abandon myth or guile?

Both simple and complex
Romance is to deftly dissect.
Often ignored and rarely planned,
Love arrives when you least suspect.

So I thank you for flirting back,
First a stranger, now a friend.
How great is a returned advance,
Where lives can change, hearts can mend.

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