The Versatile Blogger Award — Moi? Cooooool…

The Versatile Blogger Award — Moi? Cooooool…

So a lovely young woman who has a great blog called Family, Friends and Everything in Between recently surprised me by leaving a thoughtful comment on my About Author page and telling me that she had nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

I was speechless.

Me, the long-winded nightmare.

It meant a lot to me but unfortunately, caught me off guard and at the time of an epic cluster-you-know-what deadline, and I wasn’t able to respond politely and graciously as I would have liked. So I apologize to her personally here for not thanking her sooner. Kristy has a smart, fun blog that brings positivity and thoughtful dialogue to the conversation.

If you have been nominated you have won the award.

So I’m following along with the “rules” of the award. (Well, kinda.) And posting below what is expected of me (sorta) as said winner.

Here’s the following rules for those that I nominate (If I always followed the rules, all of the time…) :

-Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy. (okay, did that)

-Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it. (absolutely, did that)

-Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly,  blogs or bloggers that are excellent! (okay…*getting tentative now*How about 9 instead?)

-Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.  (so now all of these people must do the same thing…hmm. That’s a lot to ask…)

-Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself. (OK, I can do that)

The blogs I am nominating:

The following are in no special order but reflect an eclectic mix that I enjoy following – from family life to photography, from writing to witty observations. A quick note: I would like to have also included Stuff I Tell My Sister ( but she was already nominated within my group, so she can’t make my list, but please check out her blog. It rocks, too!

I also want to point out that I follow a number of awesome authors’ blogs across romance, erotica, suspense and other genres. I haven’t featured any of them because frankly I wouldn’t know who to include and who to leave out. But anytime you’re looking for a suggestion in a particular genre, I hope you’ll pop by my blog and ask. I can point you in any number of fabulous directions.

Okay, back to the award stuff.

Please note that I am following the protocol of this said awesome award. (Okay, not really. I’m pretty much breaking a lot of the rules but I’m making an effort, so that’s something…).

Do with it as you will. Know that my little nod comes completely as a true fan of your work. If you’d like to pass along, do so. If not, I will not take it personally. I realize this award, while absolutely lovely and appreciated, asks a lot of its recipients, and I want to be respectful of your time. But do let me know that you did get my message of affection for the good stuff you’re putting out there for the rest of us. Deal? OK.

Here they are…

1.  A Nine Pound Hammer…or a woman like you, either of these will do

2.  Christian Mihai

3.  The Kitchen Witch

4.  The Story Reading Ape

5.  Peevish Penman

6.  The Duffel Blog

7.  Exploding Unicorn

8.   Boxfotos

9.  The Parenting Beat

The 7 things about myself

1. My first job, besides a little babysitting, was working as a movie usher and theater concession worker. I loooooved it. Employees were allowed one free movie per day at any of the company’s area theaters. That really came in handy in the summer. This was one of the first movies I ushered, too. Damn. That was a funny movie.


2. First trip to Disney World, I was 4 years old and apparently balling like a baby because I didn’t get to see Mickey Mouse walking around like I had hoped. As it is reported to me (since I was a little young to remember), we were getting ready to leave and a wandering Mickey Mouse came right up to me and got in position to pose for a photo. And I’ve got the shot to prove it.


3. I can’t do anything really interesting. No cool tricks or skills. I have one really good card trick, but that’s it. I can’t juggle, I don’t balance things on any body parts, I can’t do sleight of hand tricks, touch my nose with my tongue or roll my eyes back into my head. Hell, I can’t even whistle. I’m just a boring girl raised by midwestern parents in southwest Florida who used to like sitting in her room and dreaming up made-up characters, songs, TV shows and movies while growing up. No biggie. The only two talents I can point to at all are that I can usually identify a pop song from 1960-2000 by just hearing one or two notes and…I at one time memorized every Oscar winning movie, actor and actress and still have some remnants of this completely useless knowledge lingering behind.

4. During my lifetime, I’ve been a financial aid counselor, on-air radio news announcer, evening switchboard operator, telemarketer, graphic designer, marketing manager, receptionist, metro newspaper promotional writer, magazine editor, and my personal favorite (and, yes, I’m being my signature, smart-ass self), an inbound phone rep selling cigars of all things (READ: lifelong non-smoker…I mean, like NEVER smoked anything…EVER! So how funny is that?)

5. I got my first dog as a pet at the age of THIRTY. His name is Dexter. Happy to say he’s still with us at the ripe old age of 15. I speak of him often online, snap pictures of him to annoy the hell out of him and consider him my “assistant” since I spend more time with him on a daily basis than any other animal or human. He’s a Dachshund-Chihuahua (aka chiwienie) -long legs, long back. Overall, a freak of nature. And I love him for it. Here he is working hard on the job, as always.


6. I’m a bit of a freak of nature myself (in more ways than I could possibly list here). But I love English and math. Usually, you’re only supposed to gravitate to one, but I’ve always loved words and numbers. In fact, when I was in college, I tutored algebra and English at the same time at the campus learning center. So when I release my next steamy romance series Lust and Logarithms, well, you’ll know why…

7. I’m shy. Okay, there’s a few people that will be laughing at this last “fact” about me, but it’s true. I may not seem that way here or on Twitter. If you’ve ever gone toe to toe with the banter or double entendres (or I suppose fingertip to fingertip is  more apropos), you’ll know I can hold my own. But it’s true. I’m the biggest wallflower there is. I freak out at even the concept of attending a party where I know nobody at all. Put me at the center of attention and I might as well curl up in the fetal position right now. I’m trying to work on it, but it isn’t easy. Within smaller groups or among those who really know me well, I can let loose. But out there…in that big scary place…*gasp* Writing is a solitary life that you can so easily choose to maintain every day. We like our quiet, we like our solitude – well, some of us do. I’m sure there are exceptions, but for most of us, we’d much rather hang with the dog.


Wow. What a munchkin he was then. Only a year or so after we got him. Yes, we all look much younger then.

I will say this whole experience virtually meeting others and forcing myself to come out of my little shell to talk to others and begin promoting the book is, I know, going to be a very valuable all-around experience, as I suspect it is for other shy, quiet types. So… *takes a deep inhale* I’m ready for it.

I think.

No, I am. Really.

Let’s do this thing.


And so, there you go… my little foray into award land. Once again, thank you, Kristy, for the nod. And to anyone looking for interesting blogs, I do hope if you take away anything at all from this bizarro blog entry that you check out some of these groovy sites I suggested. I’m confident you’ll find them as interesting as I do.

Happy reading!



  1. What a nice smile you gave me on a Monday morning! Thank you, Chris! Off to check out some of these bloggers…

    • Chris Kuhn

      You’re very welcome. I technically am going to be heading out to your blog to FORMALLY ahem make the announcement, so you WILL hear from me again. In a moment, in fact. 😉 I so enjoy your blog. Hope others will check it out because I said so. (Pretty ballsy of me to make that assumption, huh? ;Heh) Glad I made you smile. ~ck

  2. ps: I love you even though math is EVIL. Pure evil. 🙂

  3. This is excellent karma, and I love finding new bloggers to read! Will return the favor ASAP with my picks and 7 things about me. Hmm…

    • Chris Kuhn

      Courtney, you rock. You’ve been a great writer in my eye ever since I read your first Tampa Tribune piece. Now, I love that you can let loose and be yourself through your blog. Granted, it’s a different kind of writing but you take all of the same care you did as a journalist writing your articles. So happy to pass along to others! 🙂 ~ck

  4. Thank you for the Blogger nomination and so glad to hear you enjoy reading my blog.

    • Chris Kuhn

      I have been digging your blog from the very first photo that you highlighted in your entries. I can honestly say that nobody else I follow offers anything even remotely like your content. You capture the essence of what I LOVE about the early era of movies, about the beautiful visuals captured in 40s, 50s and 60s photography especially. And it’s charming, witty, clever sometimes and pretty poignant others. I love your site. I hope others will give it a look-see. 😉 ~ck

  5. A wonderful post Chris, I find your 7 facts utterly fascinating and totally charming 🙂 Shy, though? You’ve hidden that very well!

    • Chris Kuhn

      Well, now, wait a second. You haven’t been in a room with me at a party. Online and by phone, I can be chatty as ever, but in person…look out! It takes a little bit for me to get comfortable in those settings. You just might find me hiding behind the ficus. Ha! Glad you liked my blog and my fun facts. 😉 Thanks for the comment! ~ck

  6. Yay! I’m versatile :). Thanks Chris. Lovely award. I’m honored to be thought of and I have to thank the seven others working with me to make the site what it is, but on their behalf, we adore you ;).

    • Chris Kuhn

      You and the rest of the team share such valuable advice with writers, Thank yoU! I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without including – though I’m well aware that your website’s breadth far surpasses what most solo bloggers cover. Fun, helpful and yes, versatile. And the adoration is completely mutual. 😉 ~ck

  7. Thanks for the awesome shout out!! I’m all about “illegal”! 😉

    • Chris Kuhn

      I had a feeling you might be 😉 See, I found a way to sneak you on my list anyway. Sneaky devil, that I am. Heh Heh. Great blog…happy to spread the word about it to others! ~ ck

  8. Sorry I haven’t commented until now. I am quite surprised you are shy ( I am too much of the time ). You are so outgoing here and on twitter :). I do understand though. For me, it is easier to communicate with “strangers” on internet than face to face.

    Thank you for the very kind words!

    Take care!

    • Chris Kuhn

      Ha! Everyone laughs when I say I’m shy but it really is a group thing that freaks me out completely. Yes, one-on-one and in small groups where I know the people or I should say THEY know ME, I’m totally comfortable being the bozo that I am, but I do cling to the back wall at any other events. Sounds like you might identify, too. Ha.

      Thanks again for getting the whole ball rolling for this blog. And I look forward to continuing to read your own musings! 🙂 ~ck

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