Thursday Thoughts: A Delicate Balance

Thursday Thoughts: A Delicate Balance

This week has been all about trying to balance so many top priorities at once. In the past, it has been in these hectic moments where I’ve found myself getting run-down, losing sleep and not following any of my good habits as consistently like taking vitamins and eating my veggies. This has been a time of running from point A to point B to point C then off to point D and back to point A. (Did you follow that? Me neither!) Much of that time, I’m not sure if I’m coming or going, but when you have other people who need you, you do what you have to do — you just have to remind yourself to put on your own mask to save yourself first so you can be useful to everybody else.


I feel like I’m on a see saw but trying to keep both sides up in the air so that neither side drops suddenly. Do you know the feeling? And while others can be sweet and try to be supportive offering help, you realize there isn’t anything anyone else can do. All you can do is ask them to forgive you for your snappishness, disappearing patience and declining focus. You do what you can do, and stay honest and sincere to yourself and others. It’s not a time to over-promise. It is a time to say ‘no’ if ‘yes’ is just not possible.


We all must learn to be patient and kind to ourselves, and for me, this week is going to hold me to that. If you are having that kind of a week, too, I encourage you to find some special way to treat yourself, find whatever magic serum will help you get through each stressful moment. Maybe it’s stealing away into a coffee shop and enjoying a hot mocha with a fun read or park your car by the beach or a park, and whether you stay in your car and just lower the windows (or the roof) and take in fresh air from there or go for a stroll, it may be just what you need. I’ve already picked out my little treat and will be indulging during a much needed break between different stages of today’s chaos. Maybe you’ll even see a photo from my ‘take five’ moment later. We’ll see.


Hang in there, my busy friends. And I’ll try to do the same. Let’s both try to remind ourselves on an hourly basis if we have to that if we want to be giving and helpful to people we love, we’ve got to allow ourselves a little self-love, too. This is something I frequently forget.


Today, as I ride the see-saw and attempt to keep everything as balanced as possible, I will try to remember me. You do the same, okay? And thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.
















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