Thursday Thoughts: Back with You Next Week

Thursday Thoughts: Back with You Next Week

Earlier in the year, I had lots of Thursdays where I wrote a blog for #ThursdayThoughts even when I wasn’t truly in the frame of mind or had the time or energy to piece one together. I would have smacked my hand for what I’m about to do, but I’m happy to say that I’m completely at peace with today’s blog. You see, I had planned to tackle part 2 of a little topic I introduced last week, Pondering about What Draws Us to Art. (Click here to read part 1 of that blog.) I was really excited about working on part 2 and something creative that I planned to invite you to try with me, for getting at the heart of our likes and interests, artistically speaking. But something came up this week and I have a hunch you’ve run into this, too.




I’m human, not superhero, and honestly, this has been a tiring week. So unfortunately, Part 2 just isn’t ready yet to share with you and I’d really like it to be worth your time reading. For the first time in this entire year, I don’t have a blog for you on a Thursday. Well, other than this confessional blog admitting I’m human. I guess in its own way that counts.


For that reason, this week’s #ThursdayThoughts blog is… taking a much needed rest. And if you’re as wiped out as me this week already, I suggest you pull out your kindermat and give yourself a break, too.


Back at ya, next Thursday, friends. I hope you’ll join me here for the rest of the story. See you then. ~ Chris K.













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