Thursday Thoughts: Literary Hub

Thursday Thoughts: Literary Hub

Last week, I launched my Thursday Thoughts blog series in honor of what I call THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY. The plan is to share something each week that would possibly be of interest to avid readers, devoted writers or those who would describe themselves as a little of both.


This week,  I take you to a place that I consider a valuable “writing water cooler” of interesting prose and author columns and interviews ideal for anyone who appreciates a good book, epic, short story or poetry; insight into the life of a writer; and helpful tools, resources and tips to help keep a writer’s often self-imposed mania a little more bridled.


Step up and take a seat. You may be hanging around here a while. Welcome to…




Have you stopped by the Literary Hub?




According to their own articulated mission, the folks behind this website set out to be “an organizing principle in the service of literary culture, a single, trusted, daily source for all the news, ideas and richness of contemporary literary life.”


No pressure, right?


The site appears to aim at gathering as much engrossing and useful literary content as possible to create a central place for readers and writers to find entertaining excerpts from books, exclusive articles and original content plus engaging interviews. In fact, I was just checking out the site’s latest podcast this morning. And for those of you who like me enjoy a good podcast with interesting conversation, I’d like to direct you over to the audio portion of the site, their series, Fiction/Non/Fiction. Click here to check out this recent podcast  focused on the subject of literary publicity. For many of us authors, especially we self-published lot, this can be the trickiest part of all — even harder than starting the book or finishing it! Spreading the word… it is the livelihood of getting your story into the hands of the readers you seek.


Whether you write for a living, enjoy journaling or are secretly writing the next great American novel or have the desire but perhaps not yet the full commitment or desire to write, this may be just the inspiration or kick in the pants you need to get moving.


And don’t forget to sign up for the Literary Hub’s Daily e-blast. It’s short, sweet and informative. For example, did you know that on this date in 1776, Thomas Paine released his “Common Sense” pamphlet? See! I learned this courtesy of The Literary Hub. And look how smart it made me look. Maybe it’ll help in tonight’s “Jeopardy” episode.


(By the way, anyone out there planning on releasing any motivating and inspirational pamphlets the rest of us might find of interest in this tentative age? May the next Thomas Paine please rise to the occasion…we need you!)


I hope you’ll take a few moments to go explore the website, check out the different sections and listen to one of the podcasts if a topic piques your interest. And let me know what you think if you do, okay?


As always, thanks for reading.  ~  Chris K.



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