Thursday Thoughts:  Pick a Role, Any Role

Thursday Thoughts: Pick a Role, Any Role


When you stop and think about the various roles you play in this world, it may feel overwhelming when you realize just how many people come to rely on you for the various purposes you serve. I’m experiencing that now more than I have ever before in my life. As an only child, I didn’t get the opportunity to serve as many roles as one might with siblings or additional nieces and nephews, and by not living in the same part of the country as most of my extended family, I wasn’t able to build as close a relationship with them as others who stayed put in Chicago.


When you are an only child you find in those moments of crisis or need that you begin to wear a lot more hats than being “the only kid.” Try balancing that while continuing to fulfill our other existing roles as adults such as spouse and mom, friend, or simply as an employee that other people or teams come to depend upon.


When all of those roles come to a head, crashing into one another, you look in the dog’s direction and join him in making a beeline for the bed to hide under the blankets. I’ve never been one to shirk hard work or challenges that caught me by surprise even if I am a little baffled on many occasions lately how small 24 hours is as a stretch of time for sleep, work and our multitude of roles.

If anyone wants to drop by with a flux capacitor-enhanced DeLorean and pick me up for a clean getaway, I’ll be around. Thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.
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