Thursday Thoughts: She Writes

Thursday Thoughts: She Writes

Time for another weekly look at a resource fellow writers or avid readers (or both) may find useful and entertaining – another THURSDAY THOUGHTS blog!  These blogs are especially designed for those of my followers who also happen to be writers or readers who appreciate the joy of words and supporting independent authors.


I have shared links occasionally on my Facebook and Twitter pages for today’s spotlighted website. It is led and supported by a group of women writers primarily who not only offer insight on the art of writing, but also link writers to services and experts from which they can glean writing support and tools.


If you are a woman who loves to write professionally or privately, let me introduce you to… she writes.








I learned about the she writes website when I was wrapping up my first book THE MUSE UNLOCKED. It is difficult to define she writes because it is so much more than a website –  it is a community, a forum, a marketplace, and even a publisher.


If a writer could use valuable information about the process of writing a novel, publishing, seeking representation, submitting manuscripts and other practical advice, she writes can be a wonderful resource to turn to for specific needs and inquiries. Similarly, it can be a useful place for writers to visit on an ongoing basis to be part of online groups, attend special web educational events and access compelling advice straight from the mouths of writers through a weekly podcast series Write-Minded.


Keep in mind that this site is not only for those who are published authors of books or those aspiring to become one – it also can be helpful for freelance writers, too, who provide content for sites, submit articles to print or online publications or provide other freelance writing services to businesses.




Bloggers can get something valuable from the site, too, as they have a variety of groups who interact online regularly including travel writers, book bloggers as well as those who blog about other passions and interests. Novelists can even engage with other writers in online writing groups seeking solutions for quandaries we may run into while laying out a story, developing characters and putting it all together. Membership is free to become part of the she writes community. She writes also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter.


If you’re a writer, I hope that you’ll check out the site. I’ve used the article archive many times before and only recently started listening to more podcasts, which has included some of their Write-Minded series. Check it out and let me know what you think. And as always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.



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