Thursday Thoughts: Thanking Every Ache

Thursday Thoughts: Thanking Every Ache

Thanksgiving has passed. Well, the company has left, what’s left of the feast is stored in every crevice, shelf and drawer of both refrigerators. It was wonderful to spend time with family, these people I love and I joke with and tease and lose my cool with at times and would do anything for at any time. Now that they’re gone and the house is quiet, I feel spent from the day physically, understandably full-bellied but most of all nourished from the day’s events. Family means more than ever to me as I get older. I don’t always show my appreciation for them. This is a holiday when we host where I can. I hope they felt that appreciation and love today.


I feel like every holiday teaches us something and if we’re lucky, many things. So what did I learn from this Thanksgiving? I learned that a power nap can fuel you to get up and work until 2 a.m. to get the house ready for company. I learned that even if you know how to whip up some of your traditional dishes in just 20 minutes, it’s not a good idea to leave so many of them to create 90 minutes before company arrives. I learned that we can go outside the Jenni-O and Butterball brands to prepare a scrumptious meal for the family. (Thank you, Archer Farms!)


Years ago, I heard someone talk about how thankful they were for all of their aches and pains, because it was a reminder that they were still kicking. I thought that was truly putting a spin on things. Aches and pains suck and can drain you from having the desire to tackle those things your heart or mind may wish to pursue but in a battle with an aching body, is likely to lose a battle for the throne. But today, I think I got it. Yep, my body is exhausted, and all of those pains I experience when I overdo a theme park or exceed my usual activity level, but today, those aches and pains are due to love and care, wanting to present a scrumptious meal and a comfortable space where loved ones could talk, laugh, break bread together (literally, in some cases) and just “be.” Holidays that revolve around the dining room table are less about food and more about the people in the seats around that table and what they bring to the conversation and the mood of the day.


So yes, I will accept those tired feet, those aching joints, that overall feeling of weariness that is a leftover I may not have saved if given the chance to toss away with the turkey carcass. But it’s here and I’ll own every moment because it does mean the blood still flows through these veins, the living continues and there is lots more to do.


But maybe I’ll take Friday off to let those thoughts marinate and rest up for the weekend ahead. I see binge-watching in the near future. The only dilemma will be which series on the DVR or in my Netflix list.


I hope all of you had a nice, peaceful holiday, and work through your aches and pains at your own pace. Appreciate each one of them for how they came to be and give them the necessary time to heal. As always, thanks for reading. Be safe out there, travelers. ~ Chris K.










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