Thursday Thoughts:  The Lost Day

Thursday Thoughts: The Lost Day

Ever have one of those days where it seems so easy to map out your where, when and what but when it plays out, it feels like every single boulder that can be hurled your way joins the party? You’re probably seeing this on a Friday instead of a Thursday because well, Thursday was one of those days. I had it all planned. Pick up someone between a certain timeframe, take them to an important place for an appointment and then make it to work by a certain time and simply work a slightly adjusted schedule that day. Six and a half hours later than planned, the workday began. Oy. But hey, I am awake today, feeling okay, made sure to get those vitamins in my system and any of my other prescriptions — the last few weeks have included a lot of chaos and lost days. But the key to preserving our own sanity and health is to not forget to do those tasks each day that help us maintain some bit of normalcy and self-preservation.


The week is coming to a close. Has yours been one hell of a week, too? Maybe you too have lost a day or two buried in the unexpected? If so, I feel your pain. Please be sure to hold on tight and remember gravity’s pull exists to keep us somewhat grounded. So don’t allow yourself to feel that you’ll be swept up and whisked out of the galaxy even if your days or circumstances are making you feel like you’re swirling.











To all of us, a toast to calmer waters ahead. Thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.


(gorgeous photo by Hudson Marsh)





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  1. Seana Rafferty-Hanson

    Hugs are sent your way. I have had lost days of late myself, and I understand the havoc that they can create. Xo my friend. Love you, Seana

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