Thursday Thoughts: Word Up!

Thursday Thoughts: Word Up!

Recently, I blogged about a question that was posed to me and in turn posed it to you through my Riddle Me This blog series. (Click here to check out that earlier mini-blog.)  I had no idea it would lead to a jewelry purchase. But it did. I was recently introduced to the website The mission behind this website is to get people talking. Founder Chris Pan says The Intent Project is not a jewelry company but a catalyst to start conversations that lead to positive action, help people find their purpose and share their truth. And I say that you can’t live your life with any intention if you haven’t taken the time to think about what your intention is.

So in my 9/22 blog, I asked readers to think about if they were faced with having to define themselves with one word what word would that be. I didn’t specify that it had to be a noun or an adjective or set any parameters, just a word that you think best describes who you are. I imagine any of my very vibrant, energetic readers out there might have selected a bold color like yellow or red to describe themselves, but no, I didn’t pick a color out of the Crayola box. I picked a noun representing what I felt was a word that best described the combination of skills that have helped me be resourceful, both on the job and in my life when I’ve had to adapt to emergency situations and change; and creatively, when I have been tasked with coming up with something brand new or writing original works, or had to dream up a creative solution for an unexpected life challenge.

The word I chose was INGENUITY because it seemed like the best blend of creativity, resourcefulness, imagination, and adaptability. I chose this word, not because I always come up with brilliant plans but when a plan is needed, I’ll not only come up with one — I’ll step right up, kick it into high gear and make it happen. That definitely is me in one word using that definition.

When I visited the website, I immediately fell in love with these very simple almost washer-like pendants that could be added to a bracelet or necklace.


I chose to get a basic black bracelet with INGENUINTY engraved on the pendant,and I must say I wear it proudly right now because I look down and I’m reminded yeah, that’s what I do well. It’s not like I forgot that, but it is a friendly, sweet reminder that if I get stressed today or don’t seem to have the answers for everything even if I may be expected to sometimes, it’s okay, because this is what I do well — Ingenuity. I will think of something and I will be proactive (another word I considered), because that’s who I am. And you’ve got that word that says it all, too, a character trait of yours that you come to rely on and which keeps propelling you forward. What is the word that encapsulates it?


I’m happy to share my latest piece of very inexpensive jewelry with no precious metals, fancy baubles or captivating sparkle. It is however very meaningful to me, and in that way, it becomes a tool that’s invaluable and one to help pick me up when I may need it and reminds me on a daily basis where I’ve been and how I’m better because of it.

A disclaimer: I don’t profit one dime if you run out there, select your word and order your own bracelet or necklace. Nope, not a thing, not even a referral reward. But I like to share cool sites and unique ideas when I spot them and this one really caught my attention and my heart.

Let me know if you take the plunge and pick one up, too, and show me your lovely new addition if you do, okay? And don’t forget to share what your word would be engraved on that pendant. I love hearing from you. As always, thanks for reading. ~ Chris K.

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