Unfolding a Tale Over a Year

Before I forget, happy new year to all of you!

Last year, I decided to try a creative experiment and recorded what was happening in the world around me – often my own little surroundings of my home office – by recording a photo every day to represent that specific day’s thought, feeling, mood, events, etc.

This year, one of my creative projects is to create a story. One paragraph — big or small — every day. The idea is for it to spring organically. Even I don’t know what direction these characters and this story will go – if anywhere… so with that I give you paras 1 and 2 for these first two beautiful days of the new year (as I am a little late getting here for 2011…sorry!)


In a small, close-knit town, there lived a young girl who wished for something. Something new, something different. Every day she wished and wished. Would she find a new job? Would the right love come along? Would she ever really know what pure happiness could be for since she could remember, it was only a life of this – safe, ordinary and pleasant. Not terrible, not terrific. “It just is,” she would say . And it was just that. She had longed for a tempestuous romance and to feel sheer exuberance.  But never had she known true passion or true pain.

This young woman was called Chloe and though she liked her name, she too was never passionate about this either. “If only I had a name that triggered a stir in my heart like Penelope, Camelia or Guinevere,” she bemoaned to herself. “But instead I must settle for this name – neither horrid nor heart-pounding. It just is.”


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