The following poem of mine originally appeared on the blog of author SJ Warner as part of her Erotic Advent series in December 2014. You can also hear a reading of this work by me by clicking on the media player below. .




UNWRAPPED by chris kuhn

The gift you bring
Your offering
Each taste and touch,
My body sings.
Long to unwrap
And free you from
The clothes that trap
A tasty sum.


A present waits
With savory sap
For garland hung
By a single lap
That leaves a sheen
A glossy bow
The greatest kiss
My lips bestow.


I hold this package
Joy unfurled
And seek to make
Your ribbon curl.
I feel the push
Behold the feast
One taste away
A sigh’s release.


Your jolly tidings,
This quaff I had,
I hummed so softly
It drove you mad.
Who knew the work
Of a stealthy tongue
Could speak no words
And get the job done?

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