Weekend Thought to Chew On: Acceptance Can Propel Us Forward

Weekend Thought to Chew On: Acceptance Can Propel Us Forward

Whenever I look toward my upcoming Friday or weekend blog, I don’t always know what the topic will be and I like that. I really do try to keep this blog as organically made as possible. I looked back this morning at the past few months of blog topics and I’ve definitely seen a recurring theme: acceptance. Acceptance of the moment, of our foibles, of our flaws, of what we can and cannot control in our world, of what speaks to us. And most of all, acceptance of what we feel we MUST do, no matter what other people or situations may tell us. And this weekend, I met some new people who offered some wonderful encouragement from a creative standpoint so I thought I would take this weekend’s blog as I sit in my hotel room preparing to return to the highway to share what I’ve learned.


I met a wonderful artist yesterday Noah Z Brock who I feature in my new book OUR SEASONS. His work Icarus Wings inspired me to build a short story around it for the Fall section of my book. The story “Learning to Fly” centers on a young man who is truly committed to his science and helping others with what he can do with it. For various reasons, he has resistance from his family who urge him to enter the family business instead. Thankfully for him, he has voices who are telling him that he should follow his heart and pursue his dreams, and they are very loud voices. But not everyone is so fortunate to have that kind of support. I am and I’m grateful for that.


Noah said something yesterday that really stuck with me. He said that in working on Icarus Wings one of the lessons among many that he took away was “precision is not possible.”  I think many of us operate in this mode that in order for things to be good, for us to be successful, it has to fit this prescribed definition of what good or successful means. But it’s okay if we don’t build the most precise piece of work. Some of those flaws and imperfections could be the most charming nuances of what we’ve built, of who we are. So precision is not possible, agreed. And that is so okay! And what I love about his sculpture and how I was able to use it in a story about people who test theories on a daily basis and often fail is that failure is okay. That’s how we learn, it’s how we get better. And once we accept that, we can continue to dare ourselves to fly a little closer to the sun, even knowing our wings might melt and we may fall, but also knowing that we may soar.


This world is not all that precise sometimes. Things that should happen don’t always go as planned. And things that aren’t supposed to take place storm in and take us all by surprise. Some good, some not so good. I had one of those not so good surprises Friday before I left for my trip as I learned of a friend’s passing earlier that morning.  I’m still reeling as are many of her friends and family that someone so vibrant and full of life could be taken so suddenly and far too soon for their years. I am having a deja vu moment because I know I wrote of another friend’s husband only a month ago who we also lost suddenly and I blogged about learning to be present here at that time.


This weekend for me has been about acceptance. I write because I have to write. There are words and stories and personal lessons I feel compelled to release out into the world, whether anyone reads them or not. I don’t have lofty expectations about my book sales or garnering any kind of fame or fortune from tinkering with the English language on a daily basis. But for me it is as much a part of my day as brushing my teeth and combing my hair. This desire to write is as much a part of me as my blood and this bum knee. So I have accepted that about myself and whatever success, however that is defined, may follow my path and the wielding of those words whether I sell 2 books at an event or 20, I accept it. It is easy to look at our lives and measure them against people’s definitions and metrics but why bother? Leading a life that is happy and fulfilling starts with accepting yourself for who you are and what you do, and if you can take those two factors and use them to help others move forward in some way, even better.


I don’t deliver any special cures or treatments that will change lives. I deliver words. I accept that is what I do. And sometimes those words make people laugh or cry or think or take action. Once in a while, I receive a beautiful note from a reader that those words helped a person heal and that means a great deal to me, too.


So what is today’s message? Good question. Perhaps my rambling highway frame of mind has led me to ramble here. Apologies if that is the case. But I have a dare for you.


Step out into the world today and accept who you are and what you do, and find a way to help someone else do the same today. They’ll move forward, you’ll move forward, and the Earth will keep spinning on its axis even if those steps forward aren’t the most precise, graceful or flawless.


Speaking of steps forward, it’s time for me to hit the road, folks. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. ~ Chris


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