Tuesday, August 20 is the official release date for my debut novel, a contemporary romance titled THE MUSE UNLOCKED.  Two days later, many good folks will be joining me to celebrate the book’s launch at a local event. I’ll be posting details on the site shortly for those who may have missed them.


The following is an original piece inspired by the story and characters that I hope you’ll be introduced to very soon.  And to hear an AudioBoo reading of this poem by me, go to https://audioboo.fm/boos/1553680-whispers.



WHISPERS by chris kuhn


She is there now,

Thinking of him,

Quietly, politely.

It is not her nature,

Wishing, wondering

Pining, pondering

To herself, by herself.

Saying nothing at all.

It’s all there is, she thinks

Though I ache, I must do

What is expected of me,

For I never disappoint.



To her, his world is scary,

Nearly enough to drive away.

Longing, stretching…for what?

She isn’t sure anymore

But feels his presence.

She pauses and reaches,

I mustn’t, she thinks.

I want to but cannot.

And then she does.

Too late to go back,

She chastises herself,

For she cannot disappoint.



Cradling, comforting

Infusing with life,

What I want I shouldn’t

And what I have I don’t.

Never again, she vows

But the whisper calls

Its lilt rises to her cheek

Washes in her tears

And she hears it

And for once in her life

It hears her, too.

And it cannot disappoint.


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