Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (April 23, 2012)

This past weekend was Earth Day. Did you get involved in any of the local activities? I didn’t exactly hug a tree but I did trim, edge and leafblow our newly mowed lawn, so I guess that counts a little. I also enjoyed some baby talk with the resident squirrels in our backyard and chatted with the tweeting cardinal crew who has apparently decided to crash the squirrel party┬áin our conservation.

With much attention focused this past weekend on the environment and because it’s simply beautiful, bountiful, blooming SPRING – mmmm, aah, take in a nice big breath of fresh air when you say it for effect, okay? – I thought Mother Nature might be a nice topic for this week’s Kuhnspiration.

How do you interact with the great outdoors on a daily (or weekly) basis? And what is one of your favorite moments in nature that’s really stuck with you?

I’ll check back with you later in the week and share my own little nature loving moments. Now get out there and enjoy the fresh air. Pronto!

Cheers to finding the daily spark in your life!


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