Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (August 20, 2012)

In many parts of the Tampa Bay community, students are returning to school this week. When I consider that it has been 20 years since I’ve attended any kind of schooling whatsoever and over 24 years since graduating from high school, I first grimace. Then I consider how much I’ve saved in looseleaf paper, protractors and zit cream, and I’m really okay with it.

I thought in honor of the glorious old school days, we’d pay tribute to the typical school day – in most school years, anywhere from 6-8 classes of subjects. So this week, I’m going to ask you to imagine that you could steal away from your job, your business, your other responsibilities and go to your own ideal “school” for a day or maybe even a week (hurrah! Let’s play hooky and go to school…huh? Wah?)

Get those markers and whiteboard ready! And try not to look too pumped up about it…

This week’s challenge question is…

If you could build your ideal school day for you, the student of today, what would your class schedule look like?

Don’t forget to pack a well-balanced lunch, bring an apple for the teacher, and let your imagination run wild. There’s no reason you can’t remain a student for life. This is your chance to design the ultimate lesson plan tailored to what you really want to know or think you need to know. (And really, what’s stopping you from focusing your energy on learning this stuff now? Um, NOTHING!)

So go for it! Have fun with this one, and I’ll be back to share my own class schedule when the bell sounds later in the week. Class dismissed!

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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