Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (August 6, 2012)

Welcome to the working week…or so that’s what Elvis Costello croons, and you know his aim is true.

Each Monday, I set out to do something different than the last Monday. That is, if I procrastinated last time at the beginning of the week, I make it my goal to be a little bit more focused so I don’t feel like I’m starting off the week the very same way. I’ve even given myself a break on the occasional Monday and let myself “play” for several hours if I was in a particularly sleep-deprived or play-deprived state – like following a full working weekend or a really tiring week of assignments. It’s important to know yourself and how you work best.

So today’s challenge will be a little different… a Monday special if you will. Today, I ask you…

How can you make this Monday better than the last Monday? What can you do differently?

Sounds simple enough, right? But the hard part is that you not only have to define what “better” means to YOU, you also have to force yourself to get out of auto-pilot mode, which most of us go into when Monday comes around. I am forcing you to be present in your “Manic Monday,” and yes, I am asking you to “trust that day,” no matter what the Mamas and the Papas recommended.

So go forth and pay attention today…and tell me what you did differently on this Monday and how this made it better for you. And I will do the same when I catch up with you later in the week. Remember: every day you have the ability to reshape what the day will be and how you will be within it, whether it’s Monday, Tuesday, Friday or whenever.

What shape will Monday be for you this week? Can’t wait to hear all about it.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life,


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