Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (December 3, 2012)

Hello again…

Can you believe it? December! It’s finally here. Since last week I celebrated pop culture with my Top 10 Most Fascinated People of the year in the spirit of Barbara Walters, I thought this week, I’d give us a chance to celebrate the wonderful art of…sigh…discovery.

Nothing is sweeter than discovering a dish you’ve never had before all because that day you gambled a little, didn’t order “your usual” and took a chance you might enjoy something new.


I know I repeat myself but it needs to be written again… how will you ever discover your new favorite fill-in-the-blank (music group, actor, hobby, food, etc.)  if you don’t try something different once in a while?

Or how about the time you read your first novel by that author who has since become your favorite? It all started with a single word on the first page of that first book you picked up and gave your attention to, even though you weren’t exactly sure if you were going to like it. But you had to read that first book to discover them, right? Taking that initial (and sometimes, scary) step to try a new activity, genre of music or film or new experience is what allows us to grow, feel and expand our knowledge. When we stop learning and growing, we stop living.

So this week’s Kuhnspiration challenge question is…

What great discoveries did you make this year? (whether it’s a rock band, a new TV show you finally watched, an author, hobby, cuisine, etc.)

If you try to do this exercise and realize upon looking back that you really didn’t try all that many new things, then let this be a  motivating kick in the pants to make 2013 full of new discoveries and write about that instead, but I can’t wait to hear all about your own personal finds for 2012. I will be searching my own overdrawn memory bank of 2012 to pinpoint those specific experiences that led to great finds and will share mine with you later in the week.

Make it a wonderful week and as always, thanks for reading.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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