Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (July 2, 2012)

Do you frequently live in a comfort zone?

This guy definitely does.

Wait a minute, let me rephrase that. Have you barricaded yourself into a cushy, comfy spot free of scary new things and experiences where you’ve chosen to remain? We all do that sometimes. It’s easier, it’s less stressful and what’s that tired and totally nauseating expression ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it?’  The interesting thing about comfort zones is that often they can block the view from those places where you really need to be traveling. But how would you know this? You’re too busy being comfortable and enjoying the predictability of life.

This morning, a special friend of mine is stepping outside of his comfort zone, and I applaud him immensely, because when we have security in our work, it’s very easy to simply do it every day and forget to ask ourselves, is this really what makes me happy? Is this what I’m meant to be doing? Add to that the bonus guilt many people project upon you when you question aloud your employment in the context of a tough economy where others are struggling to find it. (I’m sorry, but when did economic conditions dictate that you should remain unhappy with your career track…FOREVER?)  

But my friend didn’t do that. Of course, he’s logical enough that he also didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to quit his job without a plan B already in place. No, he thought carefully and deliberately about it, and after much consideration, realized that he was meant for other things, but rather than just following his heart with no thought for those little trivial things like bills and other financial commitments, he’s taking a trip toward his new path one methodical and calculated step at a time. BRAVO, I say!

So this week, I ask you…

Where in your life could you be operating on auto-pilot? Is there an area personally or professionally where you may need a step out of the comfort zone and into the frightening but potentially fulfilling bright lights of discovery?

I can’t wait to hear from you, and I can’t wait to hear from my friend about how this all-important step this morning goes in his own journey. (And I will, in fact later today, and most likely over some tasty panang curry…yowzah.)

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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  1. Fantastic post Chris! :))) I enjoyed reading it! Hope you are doing well! ~Ash

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