Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (June 25, 2012)

What a wet week for South Floridians, and Debby isn’t even a hurricane. Thankfully, we haven’t heard too many stories about casualties and tremendous damage as opposed to destruction like the tornado ravage of Missouri and previous hurricane wreckage we’ve witnessed in our state and all across the Gulfcoast region. But the week is young and unfortunately, Debby seems poised to visit our friends to the north in Pensacola and neighboring Alabama.

When storms like this come through, this is when I start rattling off all of the things I should have done to better prepare my home or belongings in the event of some great catastrophe.

Between hurricane season and all of the post-apocalyptic or Zombie-centric TV and films I watch (read: Walking Dead, Falling Skies, etc.), I frequently ponder what I could possibly take with me if I only had mere minutes to escape my home. So this week, I pose to you that question…

If you had to rush from your home for whatever reason, and with no certainty that you’d ever return, what belongings would you take with you and why? (and you can’t just say “personal photos,” because that’s too vague…tell me WHICH photos!)

Consider this a valuable hurricane preparedness exercise – seriously! And I’ll be back with you later in the week – most likely, a much more soggy version – to share what my all-important escape satchel would house in it.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life. And if you’re in Florida, be careful out there and slow down on the roads, okay? Thanks…


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