Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (March 26, 2012)

It’s officially spring — ahhhh, do you see the little bluebirds circling over my head, singing their merry tune? (Okay, by me, it’s more like testy blue jays eating dove eggs, squirrels flying across the fence and lizards scampering across the lanai cement, but you get the picture…spring is definitely in the air. Along with a potent amount of pollen. And gnats.)

For many of us, spring represents that fresh opportunity to re-think, re-group, and clean house…literally and figuratively. As you look ahead to this breezy, sunny and sweet-smelling season, I’m sure you have an eye on a few places in your life where it might be worth the investment in time, energy and maybe even moula to straighten up and get things in order!

Now, I must confess: I have never been accused of being too neat. My house is as clean as I can make it (before guests arrive, that is), because frankly, I don’t really give a damn. I’d much rather spend my time doing something fun, fruitful, engaging, entertaining, educating, and feel free to add your own adjective here. Cleaning does not fall into any one of these categories or for me, involve any joyful frolicking whatsoever.

Still, springtime really does inspire EVEN ME to make some sense of what I call my home, my schedule,…MY LIFE! So this week, I put you and me on the hot seat regarding this very important subject.

Where in your home, your schedule, your priorities, do you need a little spring cleaning and how will you go about tending to this during the next few months?

I’ll chime in later in the week, but I’d really love to hear from others about their own challenges, because we can always learn from one another and serve up a hot dish of inspiration as role models. Feel free to leave a comment here with your thoughts or on my Facebook page! Look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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