Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (May 14, 2012)

This past week saw the passing of the legendary Vidal Sassoon and in recent months, some big names in sports, literature, music and television. For many of them, we were reminded of the lives they led and their achievements. And for some, like Sassoon, we were also introduced to some of their most notable words of wisdom.

In line with this topic, I began to think about my own “words of wisdom” to be left behind after me. Oh, crystal ball. Oooh…oohhh…ohm…..

Ahem. Okay, seriously.

The big questions I asked myself are  (A) what wisdom have I already offered, if any, and (B) what other messages do I want to get across?

So now I challenge you to join me in tackling this very task as part of this week’s Kuhnspiration as we answer this tough question:

What long-lasting words of wisdom do you wish to impart to the universe?

There’s no need to get maudlin or morbid and write your own epitaph or anything, but if you could be remembered for saying some really memorable stuff, what would that reallly memorable “stuff” be? (There. My technical interpretation of the question…you like?)

I’ll catch up with you again later in the week, meanwhile you start to think about your own response and feel free to share right here in the blog comments. Your wisdom is welcomed. So scribble away…

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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