Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (May 21, 2012)

This week, I have some gotta-do-this tasks on my weekly list of things to tackle. I’m fairly good about jumping on work assignments though occasionally deadlines overlap and that can make it tricky. But when it comes to my personal gotta-do list, these  tasks haunt me like a really overplayed JLo track or a Facebook stalker. 

I’m especially not looking forward to my gotta-do list for this week because it involves my automobile which makes me feel even less confident in the outcomes – what will it cost? how long will it take? will it be much worse than I expect? I don’t want to even initiate this “stuff” because I can think of plenty of much more fun activities I could embark on…like watching endless hours of court television or getting a root canal. But as the name indicates, sometimes you just gotta-do it.

In that great spirit of forced action and kicking and screaming all the way there, I pose this week’s Kuhnspiration question for contemplation.

For what areas in your life would you hire someone else to handle your unique gotta-do activities that arise each day, week or month and that you love, oh so much? And who would it be and why?

Please note: this could actually be a helpful exercise for you to examine where in your life you could make changes to free up some time or you can simply have fun with it and let your imagination run wild (i.e., hiring the Wiggles to watch the kids in the afternoons while you Zumba to Lady Gaga). Your call.

Later in the week, I’ll check back with you to see where those gotta-do’s are bringing you down and who knows! Maybe in the process you will discover some legitimate ways you can remove these have-to assignments from your life.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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