Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (September 10, 2012)

Strategy. In this rigorous political time of year and as fantasy football leagues crank up for the season, strategy is a pretty powerful concept and one that you had better get right if you want to succeed or in both of these cases, devour your competitor in the process.

We may not think of it in this way but we all have a basic strategy in our everyday life, too, standard procedures by which we operate. How these developed and came to be can be just as interesting as the strategy itself. Some people call it philosophy, others their mantra. Whatever you call it, I ask you…

What is your life strategy – for work and play, for career and relationships? What is the basis by which you operate and why do you think it is so?

Perhaps by examining why we live as we do, we might just realize we are more in control than we give ourselves credit for – but are we using this reign responsibly? Aah, that is the true question we have to ask ourselves privately. For now, let’s figure out what we’re doing and why, and on our own, determine how well that strategy’s working.

Can’t wait to hear from you by email, here at the blog or on Facebook. Please share as you feel so inclined, and I’ll connect with you again later in the week with my own thoughts on the subject.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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