Your Weekly Kuhnspiration (September 25, 2012)



If I could stay in one season all year, it would be this season. Of course, I would request that the tail end of hurricane season be removed from fall and that the regular baseball season be allowed to extend into this beautiful, balmy time of year, as well. Can you just imagine catching a Braves or Marlins game in early November? Mmm. Of course, it might be a little trickier in Chicago or Baltimore, particularly when early snow flurries land in Wrigley Field or Camden Yards before Thanksgiving.

I think one of the characteristics of autumn that I appreciate most is the season’s ability to shed its own skin in dazzling, colorful splendor as it prepares for winter.

There’s nothing to hide – the leaves fall, the trees begin to open up and expose their many intricate networks of branches, the world is stripped bare of any soothing covers and you get to see, feel, experience your true surroundings in this new raw packaging. Unlike winter, which can feel and appear bleak, gray and dead, there’s still a beauty and vibrance about fall. Even when the leaves are turning color and preparing to soar to the earth below to their final resting place, they still possess a grace and dignity about them.

In the spirit of autumn, I pose this week’s creative thinking challenge for you to ponder and respond to – here at the blog, on my¬†Facebook page or privately, in your own journal:

Celebrate your own personal autumn and shed something that needs to take leave in your life – on your mind, on your person, on your conscience. What “leaves” can you shed this fall weighing you down and allow yourself to uncover your own raw truth?

Yeah, I know. There I go getting all deep on you again. Humor me and go there. I will, if you will.

Have a great day, happy pondering and I will be back in touch again later in the week with my own personal thoughts in response to the question.

Cheers to finding that daily spark in your life!


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